ABOUT SOSArts (formerly SOPAC)


We are a united voice of the South Okanagan and Similkameen regions, building a vibrant arts and culture community for everyone.


SOSArts is dedicated to connecting, supporting and raising the profile of arts and culture across the regions.


SOSArts Regional Arts Board is the reincarnation of an earlier group of volunteers working to establish a performing arts venue to serve the region and known as the South Okanagan Performing Arts Centre Society (SOPAC and SOPAC II). This evolution is the result of two formal workshops conducted in late 2019 and early 2020 attended by SOPAC members and representatives from across the region. The current Board of Directors and membership were formed at the 2020 AGM and a subsequent meeting of the Board on May 3rd. 


In keeping with its vision and in response to input from the community at its two workshops, SOSArts has established the following guiding principles for its work on an environmental scan and beyond:

  • To play a complementary role within the regional arts and culture sector
  • To offer services that do not duplicate or supplant the services, programs, supports and activities already provided by existing stakeholders
  • To help facilitate greater connections and collaboration across the region amongst and between arts and culture organizations, individuals, businesses and government
  • To help amplify and promote the services, programs, activities, initiatives, artworks and performances of regional stakeholders
  • To operate as a volunteer organization that is self-sufficient and sustainable
  • To seek input from key stakeholders and the arts and culture community at large
  • To ensure inclusivity, diversity, access and transparency in our work
  • To focus on areas where leadership, stewadship and advocacy are needed


As a result of the second of the two workshops, the SOSArts Board resolved 

To undertake an environmental scan of the regional arts landscape to inform the future direction and priorities of SOSArts.

The objectives of a scan of the regional arts and culture landscape and subsequent analysis include: 

  • To help the SOSArts understand how it can further define its mandate and better serve the region
  • To provide a comprehensive inventory of stakeholders, including organizations, individuals, businesses and government
  • To identify the key strengths and challenges of the arts and culture sector across the region
  • To provide a valuable informational tool to help inform decision making of all stakeholders


Lynn Allin (Penticton)
Myrna Coates (Keremeos)
Kim Lymburner (Penticton)
Alice Mansell (Penticton)
Leighton McCarthy (Penticton)
Cal Meikeljohn (Penticton)
Betty-Anne Xenis (Summerland)


President: tbd
Vice-President: Cal Meikeljohn
Treasurer: Leighton McCarthy
Secretary: Myrna Coates

Members and advisors

Glenn Sinclair (Penticton)
Carolyn Blank (Princeton)
Paul Crawford (Penticton)
Leah Foreman (Oliver)
Kate Hobin (Osoyoos)
Bonnie Ross (Penticton)